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Jontom – Luca Tomassini

Luca’s musical path begins right after having studied the piano, orchestration and music production.

His story leads him on international stages with his ukulele under the artist name of Jontom (USA Tour 2010, Melbourne Ukulele Festival and AUS Tour 2010, 41st Ukulele Festival Hawaii 2011, Crown Guitarfest Tennessee 2013). At the same time, he releases the first edition of his ukulele method “No Panic” in italian language, climbing up to the top sellers spots on many digital retailers.

Besides fingerpicking his uke with no rest, he writes soundtracks for major episode series and different kinds of projects, from the middle of Italy to the rest of the world

4-string Aquila Corde
Deluxe Curly Koa
Fret Board:
Head Stock:
Kanile`a Crown
Tortoise Shell (plastic) front and back binding
Curly Maple wood rosette with Tortoise Shell trim
Tuning Keys:
Gold Open Geared tuners
UV Finish:
High Gloss


Booking Contact:
Luca Tomassini
+39 (348) 722-1631

Spread Aloha through Music

  • Ke kanile‘a maika‘i pū kākou!
  • The joyful sound that is pleasing to all!
    Ua hana i Hawai‘i nei
  • Made in Hawai`i