KCS Series – Kanile`a Crown Slotted


In response to the growing demand for slotted headstocks in various sizes, Kanile`a `Ukulele has created the KCS series. Named for the Kanile`a iconic two-pointed crown, this series combines the aesthetic beauty of Curly Hawaiian Koa, the clean look of Ebony and the practical function of a slotted headstock. Add to that the Kanile`a TRU (Total Resonating `Ukulele) bracing system with its touch-release-touch set up, geared tuners with an 18:1 ratio, a bridge pin system and Aquila Corde Super-nylgut strings and you’ve got a playable masterpiece with an incomparable sound. The Kanile`a KCS is available in all sizes (Soprano, Super Soprano, Concert, Super Concert, Tenor, Super Tenor, Super Tenor 19” and Baritone) except the GL6. Comes in a Canvas semi-hard shell case.

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Product Description

  • Curly Koa body
  • Radius back
  • Ebony fret board, bridge & head plate
  • Kanile`a Crown Slotted headstock
  • Sand position markers & logo
  • Cosmo Black Gotoh Stealth tuners
  • Aquila Corde strings

Every Kanile`a comes with a Canvas Semi-hard Shell case. You may upgrade to a Leather Hard-shell case.

Each instrument we build, with the exception of an eight string, may be equipped with a “G” fourth course (196Hz) fixed with a 0.029″ Phosphor Bronze wire-wrapped nylon-core string for no extra charge. The woven “low G-string” is tuned an octave lower, which gives a richer sound and opens a wider picking range.

Note:  These are photos of a previously built `ukulele. Please keep in mind that this is a sample. In the world of wood products the finished instrument may vary from one piece to another and you will not find two pieces the same. These photos give you an idea of what the accessories look like as well as the shape and size. The woods will always vary in grain, curl and color.

Additional Information

`Ukulele Size

Soprano, Super Soprano, Concert, Super Concert, Tenor, Super Tenor, Super Tenor 19″, Baritone

Wood Grade

Deluxe Curly Koa, Premium Curly Koa, Master Grade Curly Koa


UV Cured High Gloss body/Silk neck, UV Cured Silk, UV Cured Natural