2019 Headstock
2019 Pineapple side soundport
2019 Close Front
2019 Pineapple close back

2019 Pineapple Platinum


Always pushing the boundaries of innovation, development and style. The 2019 Platinum delivers on an instrument that is the first of its kind… off of Joe’s workbench. In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Statehood, Joe took the concept of a pineapple (which is so synonymous to Hawai`i) and created a Pineapple Tenor. This instrument features a Cobra Slotted Headstock, a classic 17 inch Tenor scale and a Kanile`a first ever, pineapple shaped body. Accenting Premium Curly Mango was used to highlight the the wood inlay rosette and Kanile`a armrest.

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