Titanium 3 – Serial. 20978


Koa translated to English means Warrior and gained this name because King Kamehameha I and his warriors crafted canoes and weapons from the wood that was once plentiful on the Big Island of Hawai`i. A wood that was regarded as forbidden under the Kapu System, was only to be possessed by the Ali`i (royalty). Once King Kamehameha II and Queen Ka`ahumanu abandoned this system, citizens were free to gather Koa wood and thus began the mass production of Koa wood items. `Ukuleles were one of those items and can now be enjoyed as a tonewood. Titanium 2 and 3 offer a unique look and honor what was once sacred to the Kings and Queens of Hawai`i.

The `Ukuleles For Tree Lovers!

For Every `Ukulele Built, 1 Koa Tree Is Planted.

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