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KBSP (Premium Tenor Natural)


Introduced in January 2015, the KBSP (Koa Bevel Slotted Premium) tenor natural showcases the scoop bevel. Originally seen only on guitars, master luthier Joe Souza was the first to design the scoop bevel for the `ukulele. This design feature allows the player easier access to the higher frets without sacrificing the body volume of the instrument. In fact, Kanile`a builds a deeper body for its beveled instruments to make up for that lost volume. The result? Rich tones and resonance of a full-bodied instrument with the fingering playability of a cutaway. Add to this Premium Curly Koa, the Kanile`a Crown Slotted headstock for additional string tension and the smooth UV Cured Natural finish and you’ve got an `ukulele player’s dream. Comes in a Canvas Semi-hard shell case

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