Custom Super Concert “Kailua Sunrise” SN. 22921



Hawaiian Sunrises might be one of the most beautiful views in the world. Beautiful rays of yellows, oranges, and reds. It’s about time we implemented that kind of beauty onto one of our `ukulele.

Kahiau; Joe and Kristen Souza’s youngest son took inspiration from the sunrise views you get whilst standing on Kailua beach.

“I initially planned to have the stain start with the yellow at the bottom and fade it to red towards the fretboard of the instrument, to display the sun breaking the horizon with the bright yellow glow. But the curl of the maple top reminded me of the waves of the ocean and decided to stain it as the reflection of a Kailua Sunrise.”

This is Kahiau’s first-ever stained `ukulele, and more are coming!


The `ukulele pictured is the `ukulele that you will receive.  Our trained luthiers put tons of Aloha into crafting the instrument and you will notice the details and craftsmanship. This Custom Shop `ukulele comes with our brand new Kanile`a Premium Carrying Case 

Only 1 left in stock

The endpin color of the pickup will automatically be chosen to match the color of your tuning keys.

The color of the strap buttons will match the color of the tuners.


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