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In May of 2019, the Souza ‘Ohana was fortunate enough to attend a wonderful festival in Madeira, Portugal to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the first ship to set sail out of Madeira bound for the Hawaiian Islands.  You may wonder why that is important… it is important because this ship was carrying the braguinha, which Hawaiians adapted into what we now know as the ‘ukulele.  Not only was the celebration of braguinha to ‘ukulele special, but Joe’s Grandmother immigrated from the island of Madeira.  During the trip the story of Kanile’a was shared along with taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of what is the birthplace to many things that are important to us.  On a day trip to a black sand beach, Joe decided to pack some up and bring it back with us.  THIS is the first instrument to adorn this very special black sand around it’s rosette.  Designed by Kaimana who is a fan of the subdued accents allowing the red to pop and letting the Black Sand be a centerpiece.  You have a chance to own a piece of history.

The `ukulele pictured is the `ukulele that you will receive.  Our trained luthiers put tons of Aloha into crafting the instrument and you will notice the details and craftsmanship. This Custom Shop `ukulele comes with our brand new Kanile`a Premium Carrying Case.

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The endpin color of the pickup will automatically be chosen to match the color of your tuning keys.

The color of the strap buttons will match the color of the tuners.

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