Custom Tenor 19″ SN. 22362


A beautiful one-of-a-kind instrument designed in house by Kanile`a’s very own finishing supervisor.  Scott, who has just reached his 5 year mark as a luthier on our team has increased efficiency as well as quality when it comes to our finishing process.  He is a master musician who can play just about any instrument and was given the opportunity to design a custom build with no limitations to offer to our customers looking for something special.

When asked, “Why?” Scott says, “I chose a dark piece of Koa for the Soundboard to compliment the darkness of the Walnut and tie it all together with the darkness of Ebony.  Offering a contrast with the bound headstock, which is a unique touch that we don’t do very often.”  The 19″ extended scale was chosen due in part to a few extra frets as well as more spacing between the frets.

The ‘ukulele that you see pictured is the actual instrument available to you.  Crafted right here by our very own team of professional luthiers, take home this one-of-a-kind custom shop build.  The feel and sound of perfection.

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The endpin color of the pickup will automatically be chosen to match the color of your tuning keys.

The color of the strap buttons will match the color of the tuners.


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