Titanium 4 – SN. 21409


Designed to represent the Humuhumunukunuku’pua’a, Titanium 4 boasts bright yellows, greens, and whites along with dark blacks and browns to mimic the exterior of the Hawaiian State Fish. Using Mango, Koa, Abalone, and Ebony, the colorfulness and playfulness are meant to fool you because, though small, this fish is very mighty. Being a territorial and dominant fish, the `ukulele has a 5-string setup and a side sound port to represent the ability of the Humuhumunukunuku?pua?a to use its dorsal spine as a weapon while protecting itself. The State Instrument representing the State Fish is a one-of-a-kind playable masterpiece.

The `Ukuleles For Tree Lovers!

For Every `Ukulele Built, 1 Koa Tree Is Planted.

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