2024 Platinum Tenor

The 2024 Platinum Tenor

Each year’s Platinum ‘Ukulele represents the pinnacle of our innovation and serves as a platform to debut all-new designs and capabilities. From our bevel cutaway to TRU-Relief, every major Kanile’a innovation has made their first appearance on our Platinum series ‘ukuleles before being used as standard features in other instruments. The Platinum series represents the highest elevation of Kanile’a each year, and is a showcase for our future.

With the launch of the KG-5 Guitar, developed with the full suite of innovations first explored in our Platinum series instruments, we designed the 2024 Platinum to celebrate our path to this moment. From the new Platinum headstock and custom fretboard purfling to the Master Grade Koa body with TRU-Relief and Komo ‘Ekolu side sound port, each detail matches the KG-5 to create a truly stunning pair of instruments.

Detailed Look

Sound Demo

Specifications and Features

Master Grade Curly Hawaiian Koa Body

Kanile’a has been building solid Koa instruments for over 25 years, and with that experience comes an intimate knowledge of how this beautiful tonewood can be milled, worked and braced to create an instrument which is resonant, lightweight and full of sustain and presence.

Each Platinum Tenor is made from six solid pieces of dramatically figured Master Grade Koa from Hawaii Island, which is processed from raw logs in our Kane’ohe factory to ensure the quality, longevity, and beauty of each board used in the instrument.

TRU-ly Magnificent

Kanile’a has always been exploring new bracing techniques with a focus on allowing the soundboard the freedom and flexibility to resonate while retaining durability and stability that traditional bracing patterns offer.

The result of that focus, the TRU bracing system (for “Total Resonating ‘Ukulele”), debuted in 2006 and utilized a traditional fan pattern with weight-reduced spruce braces that were attached strategically to allow for more soundboard movement. We revised the design with the aid of laser technology in 2017 with TRU-R bracing, reducing the weight of the bracing by 30% without sacrificing durability. 2021 saw the introduction of TRU-Relief, TRU-Reduction, and TRU-Support, allowing for a radical new contoured soundboard for unparalleled player comfort.

Each incremental development has allowed for the design of lighter and more resonant instruments, and with the 2024 Platinum Tenor we are debuting a new, revised version of TRU-R Bracing and TRU-Reduction, resulting in a xx% lighter instrument with more resonance than ever before.

Kanileʻa Innovations Abound

The 2024 Platinum incorporates some of our most important developments from our recent history to create a stunning ‘ukulele with unparalleled player comfort to go along with its beautiful tone.

The beautiful Komo ‘Ekolu (Three Rings) side sound port allows the player to hear their true tone more clearly, and matches the KG-5’s Komo ‘Ekolu side port exactly.

The soundhole is designed to integrate into the upper bout in order to maximize the amount of soundboard material resting directly underneath the strings, allowing for more resonance and presence of tone.



Builder’s Experience

Kanileʻa will film the production of each instrument moving through each station, following the progress of the instrument through body assembly and finishing, all the way through final setup. 

The whole process will then be edited into a film about the birth of that ʻukulele, and will be included with the instrument in a USB drive for easy viewing. Each 2024 Platinum Tenor will ship with the Builderʻs Experience.

Premier Pair…Plus One!

The 2024 Platinum Tenor has been designed to be a perfect partner to the KG-5 Guitar in every way.

To celebrate both instruments and as a special thank you to those who order both instruments this year, Kanile’a will include a commemorative custom solid koa tenor ‘ukulele with the same fretboard silhouette and headstock as the KG-5 and 2024 Platinum Tenor.

This extremely limited run of instruments will showcase the overall look of both the KG-5 and 2024 Platinum T and includes a special fretboard inlay on the 12th fret, and will be available to players who purchase both instruments in 2024.