Happy Birthday to Me

What’s the best birthday gift? The one you give yourself.

When Tony D of Idaho was looking for his own birthday gift, he wanted something special. As an accomplished guitar player, he was looking for a beautiful, elegant  ʻukulele design that could accommodate his play style. With a little assistance from Lina in our client services department, Tony settled on a Kanileʻa K-2 Super Tenor Premium ʻukulele with an extended 19″ scale.

He placed his order and anxiously waited as the Kanileʻa Krew built his ʻukulele in the Kāneʻohe factory. And then on August 12, 2021, his shipment arrived.

Was it worth the wait?

Read on to find out what Tony thinks about his new Kanileʻa:*

Dear Lina,

Thank you and the Souza family and all of your craftspeople for such a beautiful work of art. I picked up my “birthday” ukulele from FedEx yesterday and I love every aspect of it. First off, it is beautiful. You have truly raised your craft to a high art! The wood is spectacular- a dark honey/caramel with waves that keep revealing new swirls, depending on the light. 

Secondly, it sounds amazing- I was getting to know it late into the night last night. I was anticipating the superior sound and tone as I researched your sound files on YouTube quite extensively, but, I was still blown away by the sound. The increased lower bout combined with the low G, just lets it resonate and sing like no other ukulele that I have ever played. Plus I am loving the 19 inch scale length. I know that it is not traditional, but it makes this old guitar player very happy and comfortable. 

Honestly, I have been collecting guitars my whole life, coming to the ukulele late, but I did my due diligence in looking at all of the Hawaiian “K” brands and you guys are my favorite! I am sorry to keep blathering on, but I am so excited by this instrument. I am stunned by how much care you all (especially you Lina, listening to my wants regarding the instrument) put into this instrument… I can only imagine what this process is like when you go the fully customized route. That may be my next conversation with you. The next time I am in Hawaii I would love to stop by and say hello as well.

Thank you again, and here are some photos of me with my beautiful ukulele!


* shared with Tony D’s permission

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