The Builder’s Experience

The Builder’s Experience is an all new virtual viewing package that can be purchased with any ‘ukulele that is built upon order.  There will be live viewing portals showcasing a handful of the important steps in the building process.  There will be an opportunity to view your instrument being built live, side by side to our professional luthiers.  But not to worry, if you can’t watch it live, we will have all of the snippets of your instrument being built available for download.  This way you can save it and watch it whenever you want.

This amazing package comes to you in light of the recent events causing many to put a pause on any travel plans.  We feel that being able to see the factory and see the instruments in process is vital to continuing to connect with the ‘ukulele community.  While we have not had any factory tours since March 19, 2020, we wanted to solve this issue by implementing something that no one in the manufacturing world has ever attempted.

The Builder’s Experience will be available as an add-on for anything being built starting in early January, 2021. Stay tuned as we begin to share more details about this awesome package.


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