KTR Series

Since making a first appearance in the 2021 Platinum Tenor, TRU-Relief has been one of our most-requested features on custom shop instruments and certain Pro series instruments. This revolutionary feature combines a radical contoured soundboard with laser-etched weight reduction and a new brace layout to create an incredibly comfortable and resonant instrument which is distinctly Kanileʻa.

New for 2024, Kanileʻa is bringing TRU-Relief and TRU-Reduction to a production instrument for the first time in the all-new KTR series, available in both Tenor and Super Tenor sizes.

Sound Demo

Specifications and Features

Tradition Tweaked

The KTR Series features a solid Koa body in Deluxe, Premium, and Master Grades, giving it a classic and clean look. This ʻukulele is anything but ordinary, taking our core tenor design and adding our TRU-Relief process to the soundboard to give it a distinctive contour which makes the player-side lower bout easier to play.

The rosette is made from Kirinite and frames the sound hole with a white and black marbled ring that stands out clearly on the koa soundboard. The thin diamond position markers and Kanileʻa logo also incorporate this new material for a modern look with classic roots.

TRU-ly Magnificent

Kanile’a has always been exploring new bracing techniques with a focus on allowing the soundboard the freedom and flexibility to resonate while retaining durability and stability that traditional bracing patterns offer.

The result of that focus, the TRU bracing system (for “Total Resonating ‘Ukulele”), debuted in 2006 and utilized a traditional fan pattern with weight-reduced spruce braces that were attached strategically to allow for more soundboard movement. We revised the design with the aid of laser technology in 2017 with TRU-R bracing, reducing the weight of the bracing by 30% without sacrificing durability. 2021 saw the introduction of TRU-Relief, TRU-Reduction, and TRU-Support, allowing for a radical new contoured soundboard for unparalleled player comfort.

Previously only available in Platinum and Custom Shop instruments, the KTR brings the magic of TRU-Relief and TRU-Reduction to our standard production models for the very first time.

Seeing Diamonds

The beauty of the KTR doesnʻt end with its gorgeous Koa body and shape – a beautiful new fretboard and headstock is sure to make this instrument stand out.

The KTRʻs new headstock, named the Phoenix, has been the headstock for Kanileʻa Platinum models since 2018. The Phoenix evokes the classic Kanileʻa Crown headstock in our standard production models, and with the slotted design it increases the string break angle over the nut and improves playability. The Gotoh Stealth tuners ensure reliable and accurate tuning in the lightest weight package ever developed.

The fretboard of the KTR is highlighted by striking new thin diamond position markers for a clean, modern aesthetic with classic elegance. These markers, along with the rosette and the Kanileʻa logo, are made from white Kirinite to stand out clearly against koa and ebony.