Premium Kanile`a Carrying Case



Premium Protection for Precious Property

This premium case is the case that comes as part of the purchase of a Hawaiian made Kanile’a ONLY.

This premium, `ukulele case is lightweight, protective, and stylish. Aligning perfectly with the looks and feel of your beautiful Kanile`a.

Do not be fooled by the soft plush looking exterior, this case is fully fitted with a hard shell inner lining which provides strength and rigidity to protect your `ukulele like no other case can.  Outdated are the hard shell cases, this premium carrying case is just as protective but 10x more convenient.

The backpack straps tuck away, so no more getting snagged as you walk by something, or having the straps laying all over the floor.  2 Large pockets with high-quality zippers for your tuner, cloth, music, or iPad.  There is a business card holder to ensure you know which case is yours.  The exterior material is also water resistant!  Pick up our brand new case for your Kanile’a or any other ‘ukulele for that matter.

Select your case based on the body shape.  Pineapple Logo available only in Tenor size.

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