Artist Spotlight: Aldrine Guerrero, `Ukulele Underground

Aldrine Guerrero of Ukulele Underground with his Kanile`a Aldrine model

Aldrine Guerrero is a dynamic `ukulele player from the island of Kaua’i. Originally from the Philippines, Aldrine started out at local Kauai coffee shops and churches and has since gone on to stages that range from coast to coast in the continental US to international performances.

Aldrine’s style of ukulele has been spread throughout the world through live performances and through YouTube, gaining 228,000 subscribers to his channel that has accumulated over 37 million views.

Aldrine is also one of the founding fathers of Ukulele Underground alongside Aaron Nakamura and Ryan Esaki. Ukulele Underground was created in 2007 with the goal of growing the next generation of `ukulele players around the world by providing quality video ukulele lessons for songs and techniques, a pool of knowledge from the largest community of ukulele players on the internet, and access to some of the most valuable resources in `ukulele.

Ukulele Underground reaches out to all continents of the world, bringing in about a million views every month from almost 70,000 forum members including 5,000 active members. Guerrero shares his love for the ukulele through his songs, teachings, friendships, and bonds that are made through music.

Did You Know? When you purchase a Kanile`a `ukulele or Islander by Kanile`a `ukulele, you’ll get unlimited access into the Ukulele Underground website. For one month, new Kanile`a owners (two weeks for new Islander by Kanile`a owners) can get Aldrine’s expert instruction. Whether you’re starting out for the first time or are an experienced player wanting to take it to the next level, Ukulele Underground can help! Look for the UU hangtag on every one of our instruments and for more info, click here.

Tender side note: congratulations to Aldrine and his beautiful wife Heather on the birth of their healthy baby girl, Elle Senko Guerrero! In his own words, it’s “the best gig I’ve ever landed.”

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