Kanile`a `Ukulele & `Ukulele Underground

Whether you’re buying an `ukulele for yourself or a loved one, there are a few accessories you should always get: a good case or carrying bag, a clip-on tuner, a humidifier and a cloth to wipe down the instrument after play. But Kanile`a `Ukulele is taking it to another level!

Now, every new purchase of a Kanile`a or Islander by Kanile`a gets you unlimited access to Ukulele Underground, the ultimate resource for the `ukulele learner! This powerful resource chock full of easy to follow steps is valuable to players of all levels. Start where you want, repeat lessons and videos as needed and move smoothly through the site guided by lead instructor Aldrine Guerrero and his host of amazing guest instructors. Master strumming techniques, picking and chord progressions through classic favorites and the latest music in different genres: Hawaiian, pop, R&B, jazz, blues, rock and more! A Kanile`a purchase gets you 30 days unlimited access, an Islander by Kanile`a purchase gets you two weeks. Be the player you always wanted to be with Kanile`a `Ukulele and Ukulele Underground!

Look for this tag exclusively found on Kanile`a and Islander by Kanile`a instruments!

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