DR-T Premium SN. 27636



This ‘ukulele that you see pictured is the actual instrument available to you. Crafted right here in Hawai’i by our very own team of professional luthiers, take home this one-of-a-kind Kanile’a ‘ukulele. The D-Shaped Sound Hole is now available in the lineup as part of a new model for 2021.  When the D-Shaped Sound Hole was introduced in combination with the Side Port on the 2020 Platinum, we knew that we had struck tone gold.  The ability for the entire soundboard to resonate and sing has continued to blow people away all year.  So since the 2020 Platinum will no longer be available in its specifications, we wanted to offer the tone in a model that is golden in its own right.  With sleek and comfortable finishing this model will sing for hours.

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