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If you’re looking for an excellent `ukulele with an unbelievable tone, the D-Series won’t leave you wanting. The D-Shaped Sound Hole is now available in the lineup as part of a new model for 2021. The ability for the entire soundboard to resonate and sing is incredible. Based on the very successful 2020 Platinum version, we wanted to offer the same tone in a new model. 

With sleek and comfortable finishing, the DR-Series will sing for hours. This model is available in alternative wood tops either in all Koa or with Koa back and sides and a stunning Dark Sinker Redwood soundboard. It is offered in Tenor or Super Tenor with the D-Shaped Sound Hole and the Side Port. 

The visual appeal is striking, but it’s the `ukulele’s tone that really shines! All sizes and wood combinations come standard as Deluxe Koa and can be upgraded to be outfitted with Premium Koa.

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