Design Your Own `Ukulele – Tenor



You can now design your very own custom Kanile`a Tenor `ukulele. Start with the Tenor base model.  Next, select your desired soundboard, back and sides.  Then, you can fully customize everything from the headstock and neck to the binding, rosette, trim and bevel options — all the way down to the UV cured finish.

Get started now and create the custom `ukulele you’ve always dreamed of…exactly the way you want it!

Our innovative mass reduction system which increases elasticity, therefore increasing tonal response.

The endpin color of the pickup will automatically be chosen to match the color of your tuning keys.

The color of the strap buttons will match the color of the tuners.

View your instrument built live with 9 cameras at the most critical work stations in the factory. Receive a curated movie with your ʻukulele as the star upon delivery!

Build your own

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