‘Ilikai Series



Designed by Souza brothers, Kahiau and Kaimana, this ʻukulele was stained by them too giving an electric feeling and a booming tone.  As a note, it will have a different set of wood and stains are all individual and no two are alike.  For in-stock `ukuleles, visit our available gallery.

Our innovative mass reduction system which increases elasticity, therefore increasing tonal response. Already included on the KTR and 2024 Platinum.

The endpin color of the pickup will automatically be chosen to match the color of your tuning keys.

Already included on 2024 Platinum, ‘Ilikai, Pōhaku, DK, and KTR models. Not necessary on Multi-Strings, Baritone, or GL6

The color of the strap buttons will match the color of the tuners.

View your instrument built live with 9 cameras at the most critical work stations in the factory. Receive a curated movie with your ʻukulele as the star upon delivery!

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