Bob Taylor’s suprising answer when asked if Taylor Guitars will build a `ukulele

In the latest edition (Fall 2018) of Wood & Steel magazine, Taylor Guitars owner Bob Taylor answers a question regarding `ukulele building: will Taylor Guitars ever make an `ukulele? His answer was a bit surprising to many:

This fun banter offers a peek into the relationship between Taylor Guitars and Kanile`a `Ukulele – specifically between Bob and the Souzas. Both share a lot in common.

Dedication to quality: walk through for a tour of the Kanile`a `Ukulele factory in Kane`ohe, Hawai`i or the Taylor Guitars factory in San Diego, California and you’ll see expert luthiers and crafters creating top-of-the-line instruments with the most beautiful tonal woods in the world

Dedication to the environment: both companies participate actively in reforestation efforts. For every Kanile`a built, a koa tree is planted and protected from clear cutting and invasive species, to live out its life in a native Hawaiian forest and to be enjoyed for generations to come. Taylor is restoring ebony forests and working with the villages nearby to teach sustainable practices so that there will be ebony and thriving economy for generations to come.

Dedication to the team: Taylor’s innovative UV cured finish was something Joe and Kristen wanted for Kanile`a’s work team and customers – a full-protection polyester finish with no volatile organic compounds that requires only three coats of product, maximum. No VOCs means a healthier work environment with a finish that can move and breathe with the wood. When Bob realized his values were in alignment with the Souzas, he authorized the training of Kanile`a’s finishing team by his top Taylor finishers.

Kanile`a is honored to be aligned with Taylor Guitars and don’t worry Bob…Joe’s got your back!!!

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