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The multi-string ʻukulele, a mainstay of Hawaiian music, has grown in popularity and branched out into other genres. It is a perfect complement to a solo singer and definitely adds to the sound of a group of players. Like a 4-string uke, multi-string instruments have four courses, so chord shapes are the same. The most significant difference is a bigger, richer sound depending on how many strings have been added.

The standard 5-string adds a low G.
The standard 6-string adds a high C and a Low A.
The standard 8-string adds a low G, a high C, a unison E and a unison A.

On this page you will find various models and custom builds for four course multi-string instruments that are available right now. The instrument that you see is the instrument you will receive when you order.

If you don’t see the multi-string you want, please visit our Build-to-Order section to get your favorite model as a multi-string or be adventurous! Design Your Own multi-string ʻukulele.

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