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Introducing one of our top sellers, The Kanile`a K1 Tenor Ukulele is crafted right here in Hawai’i by our talented team of professional luthiers. We’ve recently enhanced our Kanile`a K1 Tenor Ukulele by using some of the finest Hawaiian curly Koa wood in our manufacturing process.

So what makes this an excellent ukulele choice? Well, the Kanile`a` K1 Tenor Ukulele is a sleek and modern take on the traditional Hawaiian ukulele that’s slightly larger than a standard-size and concert ukulele. A tenor-style ukulele might be an even more comfortable choice for those with larger hands and fingers. The Tenor Ukulele’s larger size gives the instrument a slightly deeper, warmer sound with a beautiful base-like tone.

Every unique and hand-crafted Kanile`a` K1 Tenor Ukulele is sent directly from our factory to our store, as you see in the below images. However, if you’d like to custom design your own tenor ukulele, visit our build-to-order page, where we can create a ukulele that’s specific to your taste.

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