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Crafted right here in Hawai`i by our talented team of professional luthiers, the K-2 Series uses some of the finest Hawaiian curly Koa wood in our manufacturing process.

Based on the foundation of the K-1 model’s resonance, sustain, and intonation, the K-2 offers up features that add a classy touch to your Kanile`a `Ukulele. The Black-White-Black thin rosette is elegant in its style, while the blacktop binding is both aesthetic and functional, providing an extra seal of the soundboard to the sides of the body. 

A tenor-style gives this `ukulele a slightly deeper, warmer sound with a beautiful base-like tone. If you’d like to custom design your own tenor `ukulele, visit our build-to-order page, where we can create a `ukulele that’s specific to your taste.

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