Handcrafted in Hawai`i by specialist luthiers, our one-stop `ukulele shop has everything you require and more. Whether you are just starting your `ukulele journey or are an experienced professional, our specialized `ukulele shop has everything you desire. 

Introduced in 2019: based on the design of the Kanile`a `Ukulele 2016 Platinum `ukulele and fan feedback, the KSR is designed for the player who just can’t put down their uke. With a flat-top traditional thin-slotted headstock for greater tension and better playability, along with the beveled armrest, `ukulele players of all ages and levels can play for hours on this `ukulele.

Every unique and handcrafted Kanile`a `Ukulele product is sent directly from our factory to our store. However, if you’d like to custom design your own tenor `ukulele, visit our build-to-order page, where we can create a `ukulele that’s specific to your taste.

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