Meet Alexander Beggins of Wild Child and CocoZandi

My name is Alexander but friends call me Zandi. Austin, Texas is home-It’s always hot but it’s a special place to live and I love it. I’m half of the duo Wild Child alongside my writing partner Kelsey Wilson. I fell in love with ukuleles in my late teens and have been playing them in bands ever since. I think there is something magical about the sound of a ukulele that speaks to my soul. I love incorporating them in non traditional ways and love the way they melt together with other instruments. A Kanilea uke alongside a vintage Martin guitar is about the most beautiful thing in the world to me.

Zandiʻs Kanileʻa of Choice

Zandi plays a custom Kanile’a Baritone with the most stunning abalone features including a custom inlay across teh fingerboard. Feel free to Design Your Own Kanileʻa by clicking here.