As lead singer Sam Langi, better known as “Bruddah Sam” blends his `ukulele with his beautiful falsetto voice into the smooth music which is unmistakably, Vaihi. His natural charisma and warmth emanates from his stage performance.

Bruddah Sam is also known for his local hit T.V. show “Local Kine Grindz” which he co-hosts along with his beautiful wife, local radio personality “Lina Girl”. Together they have a great time talking story, sampling the ono local food and harmonizing their beautiful voices together.

I love my uke. That’s what I say every time some one asks me, “how do you like your ukulele?” Kanile`a makes great ‘ukuleles. I have been so impressed with their quality sound and the fullness it brings to VAIHI’s music.

The tones are warm and make my simple songs I sing great.

I love my UKE!

Mahalo Joe and Kristen for making such an awesome instrument.

– Bruddah Sam