(In the words of the artist…)

“Aloha! My name is Edward Juan, I am from Wailuku, Maui. I am a part of a Hawaiian music band called Nā Wai ʻEhā that is composed of four musicians.

“My goal as a Hawaiian musician is to keep the Hawaiian music Hawaiian and traditional, not deviating from how it is and how it always has been. My goal is to inspire the next generation and the generations to come; for them to take notice that what we do as Nā Wai ʻEhā they can do, too. We [encourage them] to be better than us and to see the importance [of] keeping the Hawaiian culture alive through music.

“I play Hawaiian music because I feel that Ke Akua and my kupuna already had plans for me when they blessed me with this gift of a voice to sing. I play Hawaiian music because I love to share my leo. Singing is what I love to do and at the same time I want to build upon the revitalization of the Hawaiian culture. I play Hawaiian music because I love to bring smiles to our kupunas’ faces when they hear the music that I play.

To me that’s why I play; to bring smiles and joy to the people that listen; in doing what I love.

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