Bruce Naluai was recently asked what he thought the most admirable quality in a person was his reply, “a true heart”.

That is the kind of person Bruce is, and that is what we at Kanilea Ukulele love about him. Currently Bruce plays rhythm ukulele for the group, Vaihi. Together with talents like Bruddah Sam Langi Jr., Aaron Kaonohi, and Peter “Piko”Lakatani, Vaihi has produced music ranging from Traditional Hawaiian to contemporary pop.

Bruce is able to sooth his listeners with his rhythm styling’s, and his unique vocal range. He says that his influence, drive, and passion come from his loving wife, and two beautiful daughters.

I love my Kanilea Ukulele!!! The beautiful sound that this ukulele produces is just unbelievable!!!

Joe, Kristen and their awesome staff really take meticulous time, care and love in every ukulele they make…I know I watched them create my ukulele from start to finish. Where ever I go from Moloka’i to Japan, people are totally impressed and amazed by the sound and look of my ukulele. When they ask what kind of ukulele I’m playing, I proudly say, “KANILEA Ukulele” you need to get one!

Mahalo choke to Joe, Kristen and the “KANILEA” Staff for this truly work of art that allows me to share the music of VAIHI to listeners from all over the world.

Go Check them out in Kaneohe, take a tour and order you one, you won’t regret it!

-Bruce Naluai