Artist Name: Jontom

Instrument: Kanile’a K-3 T

Bio: Luca’s musical path begins right after studying the piano, orchestration and music production. He jumps with his ukulele on international stages under the artist name of Jontom (USA Tour 2010, Melbourne Ukulele Festival and AUS Tour 2010, 41st Ukulele Festival Hawai’i, Crown Guitarfest Tennessee 2013). At the same time he releases the first edition of his best-selling ukulele method “No Panic” in Italian language. Since 2010 he’s the man behind, the lead ukulele website in Italy, responsible for training and educating thousands of people so far. He just loves “Kenny”, his Kanile’a K-3 T, and whenever the times comes he keeps using it over his productions for television and other international clients. Right now his music is featured on many episode series, tv commercials and other multimedia projects. He literally strives to produce music everyday in any genre you can think about!



Contact info:

  • Email
  • Skype jontomuke
  • Discord Jontom#1184