How It all Began

Born and raised in Seattle, Matt Dahlberg has been in love with the ʻukulele since his grandfather taught him his first chord. A two time Ukulele Underground Undie Award Winner, Matt is known for his virtuosity as an instrumentalist with the ʻukulele and is considered to be one of the premier “up and coming” artists in a new generation of ukulele players. While the ukulele is typically associated with it’s Hawaiian roots, Matt is taking the instrument in new directions. Instrumental covers of some of rock’s greatest pieces including Behind Blue Eyes (The Who), Hey Jude (The Beatles), Livin’ on a Prayer (Bon Jovi), Kids (MGMT) showcase Matt’s unique approach to the undersized instrument. He’s even had a rendition of the NFL on Fox Theme featured on Fox Sports Live!


Matt Dahlberg is a master ukulele instructor based in the Pacific Northwest and he has been teaching private ukulele lessons online for over 12 years. Matt says the most fulfilling part of his work is helping foster his students’ enjoyment of both music and the ukulele. Through Patreon and Youtube, Matt has built a vibrant community of ukulele enthusiasts, and his new Curated Pathways channels his passion for bringing the feel of private lessons to a wider audience. For more information, check out Matt on Patreon or at

Matt’s Kanileʻa of Choice

Matt plays a custom Kanile’a Spruce/Koa Tenor with unique fret number markers to help with teaching. Feel free to Design Your Own Kanileʻa by clicking here.