Not only is Blues Lee one of the few ʻukulele technicians in South Korea but he is also an author who has  written about ʻukulele through HYUNDAI Music publishing company in the same country.

When he was 20 years old, Lee was admitted into a jazz academy in Seoul. In the academy, Lee was given chances to learn the electric guitar and music theories from these master musicians in South Korea such as Jae Yeol JEONG , Sang Won HAN and others.

He then entered a college to specialize in the electric guitar. After graduation, he furthered his music knowledge, studying composition in graduate school. After receiving his Master’s Degree, he taught for three years as an electric guitar professor in the Department of Applied Music at the College of Music. During those years, Blues Lee did his very best both to perform as a musician and to produce competent artists at school.

One day, when Blues Lee was searching for information to publish a music book for young children, he came upon a ʻukulele. He was fascinated by the tuning (with its re-entrant G in the 4th course) and also by the joy of playing, not with a pick but, with his fingers. Now, Blue Lee loves playing the ʻukulele from the bottom of his heart.

Blues Lee has observed the performance techniques of many players around the world. He has now created his own original style and technique that is gaining him a lot of attention in South Korea.

In 2012, Blues Lee became the chairman of the Korea Practical Music Association and a leader of a ʻukulele ensemble. He has authored two ʻukulele books and holds workshops to teach and introduce the ukulele to more than 1,000 students each year.

In 2014, Blues Lee released his first ʻukulele solo album My Own Memory, then in 2018 released his latest album Inside Blues Lee.

He is currently enjoys sharing his love for the ʻukulele for audiences not only in South Korea but also in other parts of the world such as Thailand, Taiwan and Hawaii.


  • Korea Applied Music Association President
  • Korea T-Aloha Ukulele Emsemble director
  • HYUNDAI Music publishing company Ukulele book writer. 2014 Thailand International Ukulele Festival
  • 2014 1st Solo album My Own Memory
  • 2015 Japan Live Tour (Hiroshima, Kochi, Takamatsu)
  • 2015 Takamatsu Ukulele Festival
  • 2015, 2017 Korea Ukefafe Festival
  • 2016 Taiwan Pacific Rim Ukulele Festival
  • 2016, 2017 Saipan Marianas Ukulele Festival
  • 2017 The 9th Taiwan Ukulele Festival
  • 2017 Korea Summer performing arts Festival
  • 2018 Selected as Kanilea Artist
  • 2018 2nd album Inside Blues Lee

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