Kelly Boy DeLima is the founder and leader of the group, Kapena. His musical journey began in 1984 when he competed with his two Tongan brothers in Brown Bags to Stardom. His niche of being that “haole boy who could sing Hawaiian music” gained the group a lot of attention and within a few years, Kapena became one of the hottest bands in the islands.

Kelly Boy has toured all over the world spreading that electrifying Kapena music that fans first fell in love with. He is a multiple Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winner and has come out with over 20 CDs. Kelly Boy has been bringing that feel good island music to the world for over 30 years! He plays throughout Hawai`i seven nights a week and he still tours all over the world, making him one of the hardest working musicians in the business. His genuine personality, captivating stage presence and timeless music has made him one of the most beloved artists amongst his peers and fans alike.

As the patriarch of a musical family, don’t be surprised to see Kelly Boy onstage with his wife Leolani, a wonderful soprano vocalist and hula dancer. Their three children – Pena Bu, Kalena and Lilo – make up the powerhouse core of Kapena. They are often accompanied by the grandkids who play music and dance hula…it truly is a family affair!

Kapena with KU Competition winners the Oba Brothers

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